(African013) African Bone Batik Beads

  • $15.00

African Bone Batik Beads are the perfect choice for someone looking to add some genuine African flair and unique craftsmanship to their beading and crafting projects. With each strand having approximately 21 beads, these beads measure approximately 28mm x 8mm. and are strung on Palm Rafia for a secure hold and great rustic look. The special look of these beads create an authentic tribal pattern that comes with a rich history from Africa. These African Bone Batik Beads are a great way to create stunning jewelry pieces or crafting projects that will be appreciated by family and friends for many years to come. Buy now and start crafting your own authentic piece of African art today!

  • African Bone Batik Beads
  • Approximately 21 beads on each strand. Strung on Palm Rafia
  • Beads measure approximately 28mm x 8mm.

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