Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl strands are a classic and timeless choice for any designer's jewelry making needs. Our Mother of Pearl collection offers an elegant selection of high quality, rich pearl strands. The natural luster and shimmer created by these pearls will add a beautiful accent to your jewelry designs. With our variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, you can find the perfect strand for almost any project – from necklaces to earrings and beyond! Each one is crafted from genuine Mother of Pearl shells and crafted with care to ensure that every pearl is uniform in color and size. For those looking for added versatility, our pearl strands will add something special to your creations. Whether you’re creating pieces for yourself or someone special, these strands are essential to have in your designer toolkit.

Mother of Pearl is also known as Nacre, which is the inner shell layer of a mollusk that "gives birth" to the pearl. This inner layer is what gives the pearl its sheen. Mother of Pearls come in an abundance of natural colors!