Additional Class information

Check out our new line-up of Luxury Jewelry Classes! You can learn how to apply techniques that are used in luxury jewelry pieces. We offer a variety of Metal Clay classes, as well as Knotting & Braiding classes. Our instructor, Debra Langdon, will take you through these techniques step-by-step. Class times can be arranged to fit your schedule. Private and/or Team-Building Classes can also be scheduled.  


Metal Clay 101

Prerequisite for all other Metal Clay Classes. Learn the basics of working with metal clay in order to create jewelry pieces of .999 Fine Silver. It is required that you wear closed-toe shoes for your safety. $150.

We have 6 additional Advanced Metal Clay Classes as well. Check them out if you want to learn how to do a lot more with metal clay!


Our Luxury Knotting and Braiding Classes are as follows:

Knotting a Mala NecklacePrerequisite for all other Knotting Classes. Using Chinese Knotting Cord, you will learn how to make a beautiful Mala necklace using specialized knots between each bead. Semi-precious gemstone beads are used for this lovely necklace. $85.

Pearl-Knotting with Baroque Pearls:  Very thin Griffin Silk thread will be used in this knotting class. We will be working with lovely Baroque Pearls in order to create a beautifully-distinctive necklace. Bring magnification as needed for close-up work. $155.

2-Thread Pearl-Knotting (using no tools):  For extra security with your pearls or other fine gemstones, you can learn how to knot with 2 threads instead of only one. And, for extra fun, we learn how this can be done with no tools! $125.

Knotting Tiny Gemstones:  Magnification is a must for this class. We will be using tiny (2-3mm) gemstones such as Garnet, Amethyst, Chalcedony, Labradorite, etc. Knotting will be done with very thin Griffin Silk thread. $135.

Kumihimo 101Prerequisite for all other Kumihimo Classes. You will learn the ancient Japanese art of braiding using the Kumihimo foam disk. You will create a beautiful corded necklace paired with a stunning pendant. $85.

Beaded Kumihimo Necklace:  You will learn the technique of using beads with your Kumihimo braid. In this class, we will be using lovely Turquoise nuggets. $150.