Old World Bronze

Working bronze is one of the oldest traditions in human civilizations. Now, the Charveaux family is using their jewelry-making techniques to cast bronze as beautiful finished jewelry and stylish components for modern jewelry artists.

The Charveaux family has been making jewelry from precious metals since the 1960’s. Andrew Charveaux had a beautiful store in Scottsdale, Arizona, called “Andrew: Designer in Gold.” In the method of master and apprentice, he taught his sons, Steve and Michael, the trade, and Michael is now teaching his son, Chris. Michael is currently a Successful metal smith and co-owner of Scottsdale Bead Supply.

Each piece is created under the watchful eye of three generations of jewelry makers from a bronze recipe that is carefully guarded and known only to them. Bronze is particularly useful in jewelry design because of its warmth, strength, and its ability to transform subtly over time. Utilizing ancient methods of casting bronze, The Charveaux family has updated the process using modern technology to create the highest quality available.

Our custom components are formulated and finished so that as they age, they develop their own character. They can be found in shades of green, blue, red and even a burnished-gold color. Our pieces are cast using our time-tested “lost wax” method. Michael usually begins his designs with a drawing. However, he sometimes starts a piece of wax and lets his imagination run free. The Old World Bronze™ collection has everything you could want to make beautiful jewelry. All Old World Bronze™ products are now available in sterling silver.