(African012) African Batik Bone Beads

  • $21.00

Our African Bone Batik Beads are the perfect way to add unique handmade flair to any project or piece of jewelry. Each bead is made with artisanal craftsmanship and carefully brought together in an intricate pattern. The shape of the beads are disc-like and hand-cut making them each individual and one of a kind in their own right. These beautiful beads measure approximately 20mm each, making them the perfect size for a necklace or bracelet project. Each bead is handcrafted, ensuring that no two pieces look exactly alike, giving you the ability to create something truly original every time. With their bold colors and authentic designs, our African Bone Batik Beads will give your projects that extra touch of creativity and style they need!

  • African Batik Bone Beads
  • There are 31 disc shape beads measuring approximately 20mm. each. These were all hand cut so the sizes may vary.

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